Karma SoundLay is a high-performance noise barrier, reducing both impact (up to 53dB) and airborne (up to 47dB) sound where superior noise control is necessary, making it ideal for both concrete floor and timber floor applications. It’s a two-layer laminate, the upper being a layer of CMS WB7.5 acoustic barrier supported by a 6mm lay of class 0 acoustic foam.

Karma SoundLay is supplied in standard sheets – and are easy to lay on the floor in a staggered pattern, placing tightly together.


  • Reduce impact sound

  • Improve airborne sound performance

  • Suitable for concrete (can also be used with timber floating floors)

  • Both systems have been tested on basic floor constructions

  • Flexible easy cut and simple to install

  • Supplied in thin easy handle tiles

  • Simple to install

  • Cost effective

  • Suitable for all final floor finishes

Karma Soundlay 9mm

  • Price Guide - £21.50+VAT


    Dimensions                                       120 x 100 cm

    Impact Noise Reduction (dB)           53dB


    Airborne Noise Reduction (dB)         47dB


    Thickness (mm)                                 9mm

    Ease of Installation                            DIY


    Application                                        Floors

    Length                                               1.2m 


    Width                                                 1m


    Key Elements                                     Impact & Airborne Noise Reduction

Quietstone (UK) Ltd

Nab Quarry, 

Pott Shrigley, 



SK10 5SD

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