• Offers a robust and higher performing alternative to traditional wall and ceiling isolation methods
  • Out-performs standard resilient bar construction by up to 7dB
  • Withstands greater loads than standard systems to provide peace of mind for developers and dwellers
  • Reduces the risk of error at installation stage as screws cannot be inadvertently attached to the stud or joist through the resilient area
  • Works as a space saving solution for either existing or new
    wall constructions with minimal encroachment into living space
  • For situations where fire protection is a consideration fire rated
    wall and ceiling systems are also available
  • Offers one of the most cost effective methods available to
    achieve superior noise control in walls and ceilings
    while using standard materials

Rubber Isolation Clips

    Quietstone (UK) Ltd

    Nab Quarry, 

    Pott Shrigley, 



    SK10 5SD

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