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Looking to develop your professional knowledge or explore new business opportunities in the Acoustics & Sound Insulation industry?

Designers & Architects

All designers and Architects encounter Acoustics & sound insulation in a wide range of projects, Understanding the basic principles and applications to ensure compliance can be a key aspect to providing high quality advice and designs.

Quietstone Supplies provides a FREE Professional development consultation for all designers and Architects, we will come to your place of work and provide advice and assistance from one of our highly qualified technical support staff, from companies with 1 to 100+ staff, we can tailor professional development consultations to your specific needs, If its residential specific to ensuring compliance with Building regulations Part E or Acoustic absorption advice for commercial spaces.

Continued growth and development within your specific industry is key to staying ahead, Why not contact us today to arrange your free consultation today.


If you are currently involved in the install of Acoustic or Sound insulation products or are looking to expand your services to explore new work opportunities, Quietstone can provide on-site or in your offices consultations and advice, providing an insight into the product ranges, installation and principles behind the installation and performance of materials within the sector.

Installing specialist materials can be challenging without the right guidance and training, In the consultation Quietstone will cover items such as:

- Understanding the performance of specific materials,

- The specification of the right material for the job,

- Installation advice and guidance for specific or specialist materials,

- And much more..

Why not expand your knowledge or explore new avenues to create work for your company, Get in touch to organise your FREE consultation today.

Why not also ask us about becoming one of our installers across the UK!


Do you currently supply products for the building trade or specialist products which require the consideration of noise?

Quietstone can provide completely FREE consultations to discuss how you could expand your product range or provide advice and assistance to your clients when it comes to noise or sound insulation, we will provide advice and assistance in any of the required areas that your business is looking to expand and can tailor specific packages based on specialist machinery or products for you to provide your clients with for years to come!

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