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Looking to ensure your project complies to Building Regulations Part E for sound insulation? or have a problem with noise/sound insulation in your home or business? Quietstone Supplies offers a free sound insulation survey to identify the key areas to ensure compliance. In many cases the sound insulation elements of a development can be complex and expensive to fix if they are specified wrong or installed wrong, therefore Quietstone Supplies provides complete technical support throughout your project for all elements of sound insulation, from specification to handover & testing.

  • Flat/apartment New build/conversion project

  • Attached/terraced housing projects

  • Noisy Neighbours

  • Office Privacy

  • Room to room sound insulation

  • Sound Insulation Flooring

  • Sound Insulation Walls

  • Sound Insulation Ceilings

  • Much More

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What will the sound insulation survey include?

With your sound insulation survey, one of our technical team will either review the specification you already have from an architect or similar and provide professional advice on product selection and establish a cost effective solution to comply with Building Regulations Part E or if you need soundproofing advice for example in your home or workplace, we will review the current construction and soundproofing issues and create a specification from scratch to help you reduce your soundproofing issues.

Do you come to site or my house to complete the survey?

Depending on the nature of the sound insulation project or soundproofing issue, we will either be able to create a specification based on information, pictures and sizes provided or if required, one of our technical team can attend site to assist with any sound insulation or soundproofing requirements,

Please note: not all projects will qualify for a site visit but our technical team will always assist in creating your sound insulation survey in one way or the other!

Can you work with a limited budget and still solve soundproofing issues?

Working to a limited budget is something we can accommodate when it comes to soundproofing issues, as in all cases the budget can determine the level of reduction that can be provided in the case of soundproofing for example, however our technical team are highly knowledgeable in running cost exercises to ensure that  when working with a limited budget, the best results can be achieved.

What are the main noise sources that the sound insulation survey cover?

The Sound insulation survey covers all areas of noise sources, we often find that residential noise problems, commercial noise privacy and Building Regulations Part E are the key areas that need to be covered, however if you have a unique noise issue, give one of our technical team a call and discuss this further

Free? do you require any commitments or apply hidden charges?

Quietstone Supplies do not require any commitments or apply any hidden charges for the sound insulation survey, we offer advice to ensure the problems or specifications you are working towards are settled and are confident in our sound insulation advice & soundproofing product prices that we do not request any commitment or charges for our services.

How long does it take to have the sound insulation survey undertaken?

Depending on the specifics of your project/ noise issue and if a site visit is required the time frames can vary, however when strive to ensure your sound insulation advice/survey is completed on the same day without site visit or within one day of attending site.

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